Over a hundred years ago, when the industrialized world was based on steam power, Wicksteed was there, making tube expanders for the manufacture and repair of boilers. We are still here today, and now we have used our knowledge and experience to develop a range of equipment including Drive Torque Control Equipment, Tube / traction removal equipment and general accessories to meet all the needs of today.

Wicksteed and is understandably proud of the fact that all our products are manufactured in our facilities in the UK. We have in house heat treatment we understand that we have full control of the entire manufacturing process, from raw steel to the final product. All our products are made by quality assurance ISO 9001: 2000 and a copy of the certification is available upon request.

Much of our products are exported worldwide, selling many major industries including oil refining, chemical and petrochemical production, power generation, desalination, sugar refining, ship maintenance and many more. We carry a large stock of our standard products to meet the needs of the immediate needs of our customers.

The aim of Wicksteed is to provide a complete package to our customers, from a team of helpful and friendly sales to provide your exact requirements, and compliance with those requirements with the best product quality, delivery time, price, after sales back up and support.

All this leads to a conclusion; You can not beat the experience, quality and service that Wicksteed offers.


  • Tube Expanders
  • Expanders Ingenio
  • Applications Injector Sleeve
  • Drive unit
  • Pulling tubes
  • Tube removal
  • Installing Pipes
  • general Accessories

Web: http://wicksteed.com