Scaleaway Tools & Equipment Ltd was founded 24 years ago by its President, Mr. Stan Hobbs, who for more than 20 years he was employed by the Flexible Drives (Gilman) Ltd, the original owners of the trademark "Skatoskalo".

The design and manufacture of tube cleaning equipment used in the sugar industry was greatly influenced by Stan Hobbs in his early years in Flexible Drives (Gilman) Ltd, before it become its managing director. In 1991, however this original company "Skatoskalo" went into liquidation.

As an OEM company, Scaleaway Tools & Equipment Ltd guarantee full interchangeability with the original old brand, Skatoskalo and over the UK. Our full range of products, including all tube brushes are produced in our main manufacturing unit in Coventry. Austen Brush Co, which is our own manufacturing subsidiary in a full range of rubberized wire brushes.

Scaleaway Tools & Equipment Ltd for the future is to continue to provide high quality equipment at competitive prices. To support this goal, we are pleased to inform you that we are a fully accredited ISO 9002 company and work strictly within their guidelines. This, together with our technical expertise and visits abroad users, ensures that our products are the best available. We are proud of the fact that 75% of our production is exported worldwide.