IUSA supplies materials for the measuring, conduction, and control of power, gas, and other fluids to construction and installation companies, to water, power, and gas suppliers, to original equipment manufacturers, and many other industries.



IUSA is the most diversified national supplier in the construction industry in Mexico. IUSA has sales offices, distribution centers, subsidiaries, and production plants throughout Mexico. Its network of distributors reaches across the country to bring avant-garde world construction solutions to every corner of the nation. In Mexico, it is the leader in the market of copper tubing, copper and alloys, insulators, construction cable, circuit breakers, regulators, and gas valves, among others.



IUSA is proud to have contributed to the electrification of Mexico. Since the 1940’s it has been a supplier of electrical materials for the Mexican government, and is currently considered a trustworthy supplier for PEMEX and the Federal Electricity Commission. Currently, IUSA is the leader in power meters and has revolutionized the measuring of consumption through its new Smart Self-Managing Metering System. For over seven decades, IUSA has positioned its brand in Mexico as one of the most important industrial drivers of the country. The great variety of products, over 6000, that IUSA gives its name to, is a synonym of quality and support and definitely our most important achievement.


Webpage: http://www.iusa.com.mx  

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