Fives Cail (France) through its subsidiaries Fives Fletcher (England), Fives Lille Do Brasil (Brazil), Fives Cail-KCP (India) and its commercial subsidiary Fives Cail Fletcher Mexico (Mexico), specialized in designing, manufacturing and sale of equipment for the sugar sector (cane and beet), distillery and refineries, we are at your service.

Our group is recognized, among other markets benchmark countries and trendsetters in Latin America, Central, Caribbean and Brazil references preparation equipment, extraction and well-established process: shredder in line, continuous pans vertical and superheater massecuite crystallizer, centrifuges, dryers-cooler trellis, among others.

We have supplied many sugar mills and large industrial consortia appropriate technology for:

  • Maximum exhaust for maximum recovery of sugar
  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimized and reduced maintenance
  • Low production of greenhouse gases

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