Ewart Chain chain has been manufacturing for over 134 years ago in Derby, England. He began working in collaboration with Law's Malleable Castings for your Ewart detachable chains that were designed first for the use of agricultural machinery in the US

In 1930 there were chains combination that combines steel and malleable components produced giving greater strength, flexibility of use and increased market opportunities.

Steel chains engineering class was then the further development of our product range. In the last 20 years we have also manufactured plastic conveyor chains making only Ewart in the world today continue to be able to supply all these products manufactured at our plant in UK.

Ewart annually exports more than 100 countries across the sub-continent.

Our salesmen travel a lot to each of the countries we serve to provide expertise and negotiating contracts.

The delivery of a wide range of steel and plastic chains forged Ewart specializes in hundreds of different specifications for a wide range of industries including:

  • aggregate
  • agricultural
  • asphalt
  • automotive
  • bakeries
  • cement
  • dairies
  • Mechanical / Conveyors Stairs
  • mining
  • Palm oil
  • Sugar / Refineries Ingenio
  • Pavers / Road Finishing

Ewart Chain is especially known for its leading design and operation of chains experience for all engineering industries, due to the fact that all of our vendors are engineers with expertise in operational work.

After 134 years, the name 'Ewart' remains as strong as ever worldwide. Rest assured "We know how to make the best chain in the world".

Web: http://www.ewartchain.co.uk