DACSA has been the leader in the development, manufacturing automation and comprehensive and innovative solutions for intermittent and continuous centrifuges during this decade.

Currently we develop centrifuges with higher capacities and standards affordable. We have highly qualified to meet your needs and requirements in any type of centrifuge staff.


Specialized Service

- Design Centrifuges (design and develop centrifuges that suit the needs of each industry, we strive to make each spin a strategic and cost effective solution.)

- Automation (We increase the performance of any centrifuge, using the latest technology, we offer a simple and efficient control reducing operator intervention)

- Modernization (update components from the most basic, such as the System Control and Pneumatic Valves; or, give them a specific solution for each of the assemblies that compose We have a proposal for each make and model of spin..)


Web: http://dacsa.com.mx