Belmont Metals was founded by George Henning in 1896 as a non ferrous dealership on Brooklyn’s Belmont Avenue. Today, Belmont Metals is an exceptionally diversified and recognized source for a large variety of non ferrous metal compositions and forms.

Belmont traces its origin to V. Henning and Sons, a non ferrous metal dealer founded by George Henning, on Brooklyn’s Belmont Avenue in 1896.  From our start as a supplier of prepared secondary materials, the company expanded into the manufacture of non ferrous ingot-initially lead and zincs alloys, and shortly following with the addition of solder, babbitt, brass and bronze.

Starting with coke-fired furnaces, Belmont now operates a range of electric induction and gas-fired melting equipment, carefully controlled by our state-of-the-art spectrographic analytical laboratory, designed to meet today’s demanding specifications.  Additional operations, including shearing, grinding, screening and polishing, enlarge our variety of products.

Belmont Metals Inc. continues to do business at the same site.  Keeping pace with the market demands for expanded production capacity, its plant size is now 80,000 sq ft.

George Henning and the other family members could not have anticipated the extent of Belmont’s development.  Richard G. Henning, our third generation president, states that it was their leadership and vision that has infused our company with the essential skills necessary to create the integrated company that we are today.  We remain dedicated to our original corporate philosophy of quality and service.

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