Fontaine specializes in screen technology for the sugar industry.

  • Universal application

    Fontaine screens are compatible with the machines of all manufacturers

  • Customized products

    All screens are available with individual dimensions.

  • Consultancy competence on site

  • Technical support on site

  • Ability to deliver







Cutting presses

Versatile and robust

Our cutting presses can be used in all vertical and horizontal chip presses.









Screens for drum rotors

Easy installation

Our Screens for drum rotors are easy to install thanks to the flat, low-tension design.








Screens for discontinuous centrifuge


Our screens for discontinuous centrifuges can be optimally adapted to your production process.









Screens for continuous centrifuges

In Reinnickel with hard chrome plated surface

Our screens for continuous centrifuges have a high throughput capacity and no clogging due to their conical perforated form.








Underlay screens

Double-bridge, wire-woven and punched underlays

Our underlay screens can be used in all centrifuges regardless of the manufacturer and are available in all dimensions.