Low Melting Alloys, Eutectic & Non-Eutectic Alloys, Bismuth Alloys



Deoxidizers & Degasifiers, Copper Alloys, Copper Master Alloys, Brass & Bronze, and more
Custom Alloys to your exact Specifications
Copper Master Alloys, Aluminum Master Alloys, Boron Copper, Lithium Copper

Babbit, Jewelry Alloys, Solders, Lead Alloys
Pewter, Brittania, Babbit, Solders, and more
Jewelry Alloys, Solders, Tin Alloys, Zinc Alloys
Zinc Cathodic Anodes, Zinc Alloys, Die-Casting Alloys, Zinc Sheet

We have High Speed and Low Speed Metal Babbitt in inventory, for price information please contact us at: Info@caribecomercial.com